Sean Burke

Sean Burke is a 2013 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Music composition. During his time at CMU he completed the music education course work and worked as a TA for Solfege and Music Theory until his hiring at In Tune With the Arts. He worked at his Alma Mater, Miamisburg High School, as a marching band instructor, and has taught private students from the greater Pittsburgh area for the past 6 years. The composer and arranger has worked with members of the Pittsburgh Symphony, and has performed with such ensembles as the National Honors Choir of Men and Boys, the Dayton Philharmonic, Cincinnati Symphony, Honolulu Symphony, and the Vienna Boyschoir.

Lori Carrau

Lori Carrau De Santo is a graduate of Duquesne University, receiving both her M. M. in vocal performance and her B. S. in music education. She has performed operas both locally and internationally, having been a soloist for concerts through Italy. While her classical training is extensive, her musical roots lie with musical theatre as an alum of Act One Theater School and Pittsburgh Musical Theater. Her most recent musical pursuit is the studying of contemporary a capella music, and has been a staff member of Harmonix & Beatz for the past three years.

Austin Mikus

Austin is a 2015 graduate of Duquesne University’s Mary Pappert School of Music. There he studied Music Education and Music Therapy, with an applied major in Jazz Guitar. Under the instruction of Ken Karsh and R.J. Zimmerman, Austin learned both classical and jazz styles with an emphasis on improvisation. He was also a section leader for the Duquesne Pappert Chorale, and president of the Duquesne Men’s Chorale. Austin’s musical style comes from an influence of many genres; including classical, jazz, rock, blues, funk, reggae, pop, R&B, and electronica. He is experienced in teaching students of all ages and skill levels, and specializes in those with intellectual disabilities.